Yoga Packages: How to Make Yoga Journey Budget Friendly

Are you worried about managing a budget before going on a yoga journey? Do you want to save more money? If yes, you should be aware of different yoga packages available for yoga practitioners across the world. The best thing about these yoga packages is that they revolve around your yoga training and help manage money accordingly.

Keeping your yoga experience in check, we have researched some of the best yoga packages available for you. So, make sure you go through the following details to know how you can save money without sacrificing a true yoga experience.

Different Types of Yoga Packages

200 Hour YTT

As a beginner yoga practitioner, you should join the 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Usually, the program goes on for 28 days. Therefore, you need to plan accordingly.

As per the yoga package offered by Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools, you need 1500 USD to join the course. The charges include a shared room with other yoga practitioners. So, it might not offer you privacy in case you are a private person.

To have a personal room, you need 1700 USD that ensures you are the sole person to have the room. Hence, it covers your accommodation, three meals a day, and other basic facilities.

300 Hour YTT

In case you are an intermediate yoga practitioner, joining a 300 hour yoga teacher training course could be the right option for you. This course is for 40 days. Hence, you need to arrange money as per your plan.

However, various yoga packages offer a shared room for 2000 USD and a private room for 2200 USD. Hence, you need to prepare whether you want a personal room or are comfortable sharing it with a stranger.

We suggest you share your room to save money. The charges offered by yoga packages include your stay and other necessities. For any detail, you should get in touch with the authorities before finalizing your decision.

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500 Hour YTT

The most advanced yoga teacher training course i.e. 500 hour YTT could be a little expensive. The reason is that the course goes on for 60 days. So, as per yoga packages, you need to spend 3000 USD for a shared room.

However, for a private room, you must have 3500 USD that covers accommodation, meals, and other facilities. So, you should choose one of the yoga packages as per your budget.

Yoga Retreat

Up for a holiday yoga package? If yes, a yoga retreat is the best option for you. Yoga packages offer a 5 to 15 days stay at a yoga retreat. Therefore, your budget varies according to whether you choose a shared space or a private room when you go on a yoga retreat.

When you go on a yoga retreat, you get a shared room for 5 days for 450 USD and a private room for 500 USD. The yoga package offers 10 days where you get a private room for 850 USD and a shared room for 750 USD. A 15 days yoga retreat offer has a private room for 1150 USD, however, a shared room is for 1050 USD.

All the above-given yoga packages do not include pick-up and drop-off from and to the airport. You can avail that by paying additional charges.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to avail better yoga packages.

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Best Way to Get Better Yoga Packages


The best trick to avail cheapest yoga packages is to book your slots in an off-season. At that moment, the prices are at an all-time low. Hence, you get to save more money in comparison to a yoga season.

Booking in Advance

Another tip to have the cheapest yoga packages is to book in advance. On-time booking could be expensive and might include hidden charges.

Off-Beat Stays

No need to stay at expensive spas and yoga resorts. You can check in with simple and cheap yoga ashrams to experience true yoga.


Yoga packages are there to save you money and time. Therefore, you should always buy a yoga package that covers your course fee and living expenses. Moreover, you get to enjoy yourself without the burden of money on your head and have a greater yoga experience.

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