What Is Yin Yoga? Overview And Benefits

Yin Yoga- With so much focus on fast-paced yoga these days, slow yoga practices are overshadowed. No doubt that physical intensity is required to have a strong and flexible body, but you cannot neglect the deep muscle tissues, ligaments, and tendons. Thus, you can practice yin yoga to enhance the connection of your connecting tissues with your muscles for greater overall performance.

What Is Yin Yoga?

When you consider silently working on your body, It plays the part perfectly. Since the flow of this yoga is slow, it focuses on strengthening the internal connection of your body. The focus is on forming a strong mind-muscle connection.

When you practice this, you might feel like not doing anything because most of the time, you might be lying around without initiating much action. It is feasible to practice by anyone suffering from any health issues or facing any injury. Therefore, it could be related to restorative yoga sometimes.

A Brief History Of Yin Yoga

Originated from the Taoist school of yoga, it is best to improve the qi within your body. In eastern yoga philosophy, qi is energy flowing in your body. This yoga type helps to create balance in your energy cycles, so that, you learn to control and harness energy to revitalize your mind and soul.

Moreover, qi is also associated with life-force, that is, breath. Thus, yin yoga and pranayama walk hand in hand to cleanse your energy points and refill them with new and fresh energy.

Why Practice Yin Yoga?

Even though you feel like nothing being done while practicing this yoga, the below-mentioned points can change your perspective. Read on.

Lengthening Connecting Tissues

There is a fascia like wrap covering your muscles and bones. Over time, it shrinks in size and loses its elasticity. It gently massages the fascia covering with its slow restorative yoga poses to kill the stiffness in the muscles.

Therefore, with consistent yoga practice, you witness elongation in your connecting tissues, resulting in better functioning of your body.

Flexible Body

Muscle joints and fascia is connected with greater flexibility of your overall body. Yin yoga in particular improves muscle elongation. When you practice various yin yoga poses, you hold it for longer than usual. Your muscles are stretched and are under pressure for a longer time, improving the overall flexibility of the muscles.

Improved Circulation

Yin yoga walks in sync with deep breathing practices. Breath is highly important when it comes to cleansing your lungs, blood, and overall internal mechanisms. Moreover, when you practice yin yoga poses and hold them while breathing simultaneously, you breathe into different ligaments and deep tissues. Over time, it improves the blood and oxygen circulation in your body.

Lesser Stress Levels

Slower rhythm helps you to form a stronger bond with yourself without worrying much about enacting any action. Moreover, it links your mind with the parasympathetic nervous system, calming your body. Also, having a slower heart rate signifies that your heart is working efficiently, and is not pushing too much to supply blood to various parts of your body.

Yin Yoga Reviews

No matter how convincing something sounds, you need to have a thorough research before making anything a part of your life. The same goes for practicing yin yoga. You need to check out for reviews to know how good or effective this particular form of yoga is.

Moreover, you can check online yoga school reviews, so that, you never end up in a bad place. Also, you get to know about the genuine places to learn yin yoga.

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