Kranti Yoga Goa 500 Hour YTT

Kranti Yoga Reviews – It is located on the pristine Patnem Beach in South Goa attracts Yoga enthusiasts from around the world. Kranti combines the entire knowledge of Yoga with modern practices to help you stay fit both mentally and physically. The yoga school has different types of yoga programs depending on the level of experience and knowledge of the student.

Kranti Yoga Reviews

Further, the Kranti Yoga Mutltiversity has over 13 years of experience in yoga teacher training in Goa, India. The yoga school offers 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hour yoga teacher training in various yoga styles.

To name a few, you learn Vinyasa flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and Yin yoga along with yoga holidays on the beach.

Kranti Yoga Vision & Mission

Kranti Yoga’s mission is to spread knowledge about Yoga practices and culture to people around the world. The teachers at the school aim to provide you with complete knowledge of the yogic lifestyle.

Further, the Kranti Yoga school blends the fundamentals of the traditional approach to yoga with the modern dynamism of yoga learning. Moreover, the vision of the school leaps up to make different series of yoga courses to make it available to every knowledge-hungry soul.

The Kranti Yoga Multiversity aims at tailoring yoga courses to meet the needs of every yoga student. Further, the school also offers workshops every day to the needy.

The Yoga Gurus at Kranti Yoga

The school has highly experienced staff who come from all over the world. Together, all teachers at the school have come up with a certified yoga teacher training course. Each of the teachers have earned their certification from Yoga Alliance and carry expertise in functional movement of the body to yogic philosophy.

Further, the yoga school has 700 RYT qualified yoga teachers for 200 hour yoga teacher training courses, Yin yoga training, and Vinyasa yoga flow. Moreover, the school has specialized faculty to execute the highest standard of yoga learning.

With over years of experience and dedication to yoga practice, the yoga teachers have mastered their trades. Hence, the yoga gurus at Kranti Yoga Multiversity aim at providing the best yoga teacher training in Goa.

The school has yoga masters in almost every style of yoga. From hardcore Ashtangis to Pranayama breath coaches, you name it. That is why the yoga practitioners get access to the highest quality of learning, yoga knowledge, and practice.

The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 500 hour yoga teacher training course at the yoga school is basically divided into two parts. The first one is a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga Yoga, and the second is the 300 hour yoga teacher training Yin Yoga & Vinyasa flow or Vinyasa flow and adjustments.

Therefore, yoga practitioners get to choose which course they want to do in the second step. One point that is very crucial for new yoga practitioners is that their bodies need rest.

Hence, the 500 hour yoga teacher training course is split into two sessions. It allows yoga practitioners to have rest. Moreover, it acts as a perfect pause to renew your energy. Further, it provides enough time to enjoy the surrounding beauty.

The duration of the course is 8 weeks that also includes a distant learning project before coming to Kranti Yoga school.

In the first 200 hour yoga teacher training course you will get access to;

  • Vinyasa flow teaching methodology
  • Human anatomy
  • Ashtanga Yoga and Self-Practice of asanas
  • Breathing work and meditation
  • Lessons on Yoga philosophy
  • Advanced workshops on inversion, partner yoga, and backbends

The second phase of the 500 hour yoga teacher training is to teach you contemporary skills. Further, it also helps you practice the skills that you have learned in the first phase of the course. Hence, this course helps you delve deeper into the practice by continuing your practice.

The aim is to deepen your practice on the physical, mental, and spiritual front.

  • The course includes
  • Myofascia muscle release
  • Workshops covering the technicalities of the core elements
  • Emotional release sessions

After successfully completing the 200 hour yoga teacher training, you will now undergo the 300 hour training to take the knowledge of Yoga to next level. The course includes;

  • The practice of Vinyasa Flow
  • Functional Movements
  • Yoga Anatomy
  • Breathwork and Meditation
  • Workshops on shoulder stability, arm balance, and handstands


To make your journey to enlightenment as comfortable as possible, Kranti Yoga school offers a comfortable living with features as;

  • Swimming pool
  • Availability of hot water 24×7
  • Security locker and community fridge
  • Washing Machines
  • 24×7 security with 48 surveillance cameras

Kranti Yoga Reviews

If you look at the yoga school reviews in Goa then you will find the best yoga school in Goa is Kranti Yoga. Kranti yoga reviews given by their attendees are mostly giving positive responses. Therefore if you are planning for a yoga vacation then it is the best yoga school to join based on the reviews.



Q1) Is Kranti Yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance?

Yes, the Kranti Yoga school offers various yoga teacher training courses that are registered with Yoga Alliance, USA.

Q2) In which language do the teachers at Kranti Yoga teach yoga to the students?

Majorly, English is being used by the teachers of Kranti yoga while giving yoga teacher training to the students.

Q3) Does Kranti yoga offer a chance to students to work as a teacher after completing yoga teacher training?

No, Kranti yoga is giving only yoga teaching to students from various parts of the world. The school does not give job opportunities to the students for teaching yoga as a yoga teacher as Visa requirements do not allow this.

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 7 reviews
 by Garvin

Located in the beach town of Goa, this was the best yoga learning experience I had. After completing my basic and intermediate yoga training, I still wanted to know more. A friend of mine recommended me their 500 hour yoga course. And boy i am glad that i did sign up for it. The depth of yoga knowledge i got at this place made me realize that learning in yoga never stops

 by Brendon Taylor
Life changing experience!

Over 13 years of yoga teaching experience, this yoga school focuses on keeping people physically and mentally fit. The teachers and trainers in this yoga school have mastered their trades. Therefore this is the best yoga school for beginner and advanced levels.

 by Carter Jackson
Life hanging experience of the yogic arts

I would definitely recommend Kranti Yoga to experience yoga on another level. You get to practice yoga on the beautiful beaches of Goa under the guidance of experienced yoga gurus.

 by Jack Martin
Super Awesome Yoga Experience

Kranti Yoga offers you not just yoga practice but an experience of what an actual yogic lifestyle is. You are given knowledge of the sacred art under the guidance of experienced teachers.

 by Jordon Perez
Awesome Yoga Experience at the best place on earth!

Goa with its sandy beaches and parties offers you a way to experience yoga like none other with Kranti Yoga. Its an experience worth having in life!

 by Harper White
An experience worth having at a place worth visiting!

You get the opportunity of a lifetime with Kranti Yoga. It offers you the first-hand experience of what real yoga is. Thanks for making my dream of becoming a yoga teacher come true, Kranti Yoga!

 by Alexandra Sanchez
The finest Yoga teacher training!

Kranti Yoga is not just another yoga school making over-the-top promises. It offers you an opportunity to become the best yoga teacher and spread the knowledge of this sacred art to others. I recommend you rather pick Kranti Yoga any day!