Know Here How To Earn A Yoga Certification

If you want to move from being a yoga beginner to an expert chances are you are interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher. Earning your yoga certification through a recognized yoga teacher training course helps you expand your knowledge of yoga beyond its physical aspect. The yoga certification gives you the skills to help others deepen their yoga practice.

On a personal level, yoga certification gives you the inspiration to share the sacred art of yoga with others. You gain confidence by possessing in-depth knowledge of yoga that covers the mental and spiritual aspects of this ancient art.

With that said, let us first understand what makes a good yoga teacher.

What Is the Parameter For Becoming A Great Yoga Teacher?

When you earn the yoga certification under the guidance of a highly experienced and knowledgeable yoga teacher, consider what made them appealing in the first place. Great yoga teachers don’t just teach yoga they know how to form a deep connection with their students.

Good yoga teachers always understand their student’s needs and provide yoga knowledge to everyone despite their age or experience. They pass clear instructions during the yoga class. A great yoga teacher is an individual who practices the yoga virtues not just on the mat.

They follow the principles of yoga off the mat. For example, a good yoga teacher adheres to the principle of Ahimsa or non-violence. Moreover, they help their students practice yoga poses with complete safety to avoid potential injuries. In short, a great yoga teacher provides the best environment for yoga practice.

With that said, there are some factors you should consider when searching for yoga certification. Read further to know what these are.

3 Tips To Find The Best Yoga Certification

Given below are three tips to help you choose the right yoga certification course.
  1. Duration and Location

A majority of yoga certifications program run from seven to eight weeks. It is a good choice for you as it gives you ample time to absorb the knowledge without overload. Moreover, you also get the time to form a strong connection with the yoga teacher during the yoga session.

Duration and Location

The second thing you need to consider is the location of the program. Whether you plan on earning the 200-Hour or 500-Hour yoga teacher certification, location is important. No one wants to earn a yoga alliance certification by traveling halfway around the world or choosing the wrong place for learning yoga.

  1. Yoga Style and Teacher

Yoga Style and Teacher

If you want to make the most of yoga certification you must choose the right yoga style. You also need to find the right yoga teacher to learn everything there is to learn about this ancient art. In short, it is necessary you find the right teacher and choose a yoga style you are comfortable with.

  1. The Intention

You need to set clear intentions behind choosing the yoga certification course. What do you aim to get from this program? Does the chosen yoga certification offer what you want? Have a clear answer to these questions before saying yes to any particular yoga program.

However, there has been a rise in the demand for online yoga programs. Yoga experts recommend you do not go for any type of program that is online.

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Why Not Choose Online Yoga Teacher Training?

Although online yoga certification is an appealing option it does lack in certain aspects in comparison to offline learning. Working face-to-face with a qualified yoga teacher helps you not just understand yoga beyond its physical aspect it gives you a chance to dive deeper into yoga.

The teacher in a face-to-face yoga class shares with you important aspects of its practice and safety instructions when doing specific yoga poses. On the other hand, online yoga certification misses out on all these points. You do not get the experience of being in the yoga community which is possible only with an offline certified yoga course.

In short, choosing an online yoga certification might give you comfort it would not help you in your journey to learning everything about yoga.


Yoga offers you the opportunity of a lifetime to improve your mental and physical health without any medications. If you want to dive deeper into this ancient art then choosing a Certified Yoga Course is the right decision.

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