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Isha Yoga Reviews – Isha Foundation under the guidance of the Mystic Jaggi Vasudev, also known as Sadhguru is a non-profit organization for creating an inclusive culture towards world peace and progress. The different yoga retreat programs at the foundation helps bring transformation and many other positive benefits to your life. Yoga at Isha Foundation is more about reaching your peak mental, physical, and spiritual condition rather than just practicing specific postures.

Vision and Mission

Isha Yoga’s mission is to spread the word about Yoga with the goal of bringing a global transformation. Sadhguru has complete commitment towards helping each individual reach their peak physical and mental conditioning.

Inner Engineering, the revolutionary program for complete inner transformation helps you develop a deeper perception of the world around. A major aim of Isha Foundation is to spread the knowledge of Yogic lifestyle to individuals to help them evolve.

The Teachers

The Yoga gurus at the foundation teach yoga with full dedication to help individuals reach their highest potential. Isha Foundation functions with the goal of encouraging you to realize the true potential within. The Foundation has highly experienced teachers with years of practice in different forms of yoga including Hatha Yoga.

Amenities at Isha Yoga Foundation

Isha Foundation provides each student the opportunity to become their best self. They also ensure you receive maximum comfort to have a relaxed mind during the Yoga practice sessions.

  • World-class and spacious auditorium for daily yoga practices
  • Round-the-clock security for complete safety
  • 3 times pure Sattvik food
  • Access to clean water including hot water during winters
  • Access to yoga literature including Yoga Sutras, and Bhagwad Gita

Isha Yoga Reviews

Isha Foundation hosts the best yoga retreat programs for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

In the beginner level program, you get to practice the art of Chit Shakti, Aumkar, Hatha Yoga, and the famous Isha Kriya among others.

The advanced yoga programs include Bhava Spandana, Shoonya Meditation, and Samyama Sadhana among other forms of Yoga.

You also get the opportunity to learn and master the 5 major yoga practices including Angamardana, Bhuta Shuddhi, Upayoga, and Surya Kriya.

If you had attended the Isha retreat program in past then submit the Isha yoga reviews based on your experience.

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 4 reviews
byAllen onReviewyogaschools
Certified Yoga Teachers!

Situated 30 kilometers west of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Isha Yoga Retreat is a non-profit organization providing complete yoga knowledge through the best-certified teachers of India. I recommend you visit this school and gain the best yoga learning experience!!

byAmanda Presley onReviewyogaschools
Super thankful for the experience!

Isha Yoga helped me unlock the blocked energy that I had from the stress of daily life. I thank Isha Yoga for helping me discover Yoga from a different perspective!

byAudrina White onReviewyogaschools
Great Yoga experience!

I will never forget the moment I stepped into the Isha Yoga center to learn the sacred art of Yoga. You not only practice yoga but live the experience with profound mental and psychological change being the new you.

byReagan Ronald onReviewyogaschools
Yoga as an life changing experience

Learning yoga at Isha Yoga center was an experience in itself! You get in-depth knowledge of not just the asanas but also the breathing techniques.