How To Get Yoga Alliance Certified For Yoga Teacher Training

Practicing yoga has become more than just a physical exercise. While many of you might have witnessed many yoga practitioners stretching their guts out, it is more than practicing mere yoga poses. Yoga is a lifestyle that is so deep and wider than it seems merely unimaginable to fathom its depth and horizon. However, enrolling in a yoga alliance certified yoga teacher training could be a great start towards a beautiful journey.

But before you start questioning and start getting all blurry about different terminologies related to yoga, have a reading of the below to expand your knowledge.

What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is the USA based largest non-profit organization that represents the yoga community across the globe. With over 7,000 yoga schools registered under the organization, you get around 100,000 registered yoga teachers. The organization makes high quality and equitable teachings of yoga accessible to you.

Schools registered with yoga alliance celebrate diverse yoga styles accessible universally. Moreover, rather than just helping yoga aspirants to have a solid start to their yogic journeys, the organization is responsible for the distribution of yoga education. It also works towards the expansion of the yoga community.

What is Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training?

You must have become aware of the yoga alliance by now. On the other hand, yoga teacher training means you enroll in a yoga school registered with the yoga alliance to learn and practice yoga. There have been countless benefits of joining a yoga alliance certified yoga teacher training.

When you join a YTT, you come across various other elements of yoga that you might or might not have heard about. Therefore, you learn about yoga philosophy, human physiology, body alignment, and get to know about the diverse nature of yoga.

Various Courses Offered By Yoga Alliance

Depending on the level of your yoga practice or potential, there are many certified yoga courses that you can enroll in. There are no strict requirements for joining these yoga certification courses. Moreover, different yoga schools have different eligibility criteria. But the overall process is decided by the yoga alliance.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Alliance provides 200 hour YTT course designed for beginners. When you enroll in this yoga course, you learn all the basics of yoga. However, if you have some experience of practicing yoga, then also, you can join the RYT 200.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

People looking to upgrade their yoga knowledge can enroll in this yoga alliance certified yoga course. It provides intermediate knowledge of yoga, moving you towards becoming better at yoga practice. Moreover, if you want to become a certified yoga instructor, joining RYT 300 is a perfect option for you.

Note: Some yoga schools make it necessary for you to have a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification before you enroll in an RYT 300. However, it is not necessary. You can show your yoga potential to the yoga instructor and get permission to join the yoga course.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

It is the most advanced yoga course registered under the yoga alliance that you can enroll in. People who want to achieve the greatest heights of their yoga journey enroll in this course. Moreover, if you are looking forward to opening your own yoga studio or yoga academy, then 500 hour yoga teacher training course could be a perfect choice for you.

Additional Yoga Alliance Certification Courses For Yoga Teachers

E-RYT 200

This yoga course is dedicated to the yoga teachers who have already completed their 200 hour yoga teacher training. As per the yoga alliance requirements, you need to have a 200 hour YTT course to enroll in an E-RYT 200. Moreover, you need to have at least 1,000 hours of teaching experience after the completion of your RYS 200.

As per teaching time requirements, you need to have at least 2 years of experience since the completion of your RYS 200 completion.

E-RYT 500

The yoga program is structured for the yoga teachers who have already completed a 500 hour teacher training. However, for those who have only 200 hour teacher training certification, they need an additional RYT 300 to become eligible for the yoga alliance certified course.

As per the teaching hour requirements, you need at least 2,000 hours of teaching experience after the completion of your RYS 200 or RYS 500. Moreover, when it comes to teaching time requirements, you need at least 4 years of experience after your RYS 200 or 500 completion.

Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT)

Yoga teachers who did 95 hours of yoga teacher training with the yoga alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School are eligible to enroll in this yoga course. Before you can register to teach this course, make sure that you have at least 30 hours of teaching experience with RCYS. There are no teaching time requirements.

Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT)

Clearly depicted from the name itself, yoga teachers having RPYT is going to teach yoga to pregnant ladies. For that, they need to have completed a yoga alliance certified 200 hour teacher training. Moreover, you need to have 85 hour of yoga teacher training course registered with the yoga alliance.

As per the teaching hour requirements, you need to have at least 30 hours of teaching experience after the completion of your RPYS. However, you can shy away if you don’t have any teaching time experience.

Why Join Yoga Alliance Certification Course?

The reasons are plenty when it comes to joining a yoga course registered with the yoga alliance. Have a brief reading of the following points to know more.


You might be practicing yoga alone or in a small unregistered class for years. What you might have noticed that your personal as well as social growth has limited to the very circle you have become a part of. It is not a bad thing, but it is not good for your overall growth and development.

When you join an alliance certified course, you witness a whole new world of opportunities opens before you. Moreover, you learn different things automatically when you practice yoga in the company of voracious practitioners.


You always seek knowledge while practicing yoga. The day you thought that you know everything is the day your growth halts. Thus, joining a yoga alliance registered course, you come across great yoga masters who have dedicated their whole lives to yoga.

Therefore, you can get the first-hand knowledge right from a genuine and trustworthy source who is reeking yoga knowledge from its every dimension. Being a regular yoga practitioner, there arise many doubts in your mind which sometimes are very complex to get out of your psyche. Thus, yoga masters can also clear away your doubts or confusion if there are any.

Becoming A Yoga Instructor

Practicing yoga for the sake of personal growth is a different thing than practicing it to make it a profession. When you step up towards becoming a yoga instructor, you cannot afford to miss anything when it comes to yoga. Therefore, to have everything in a single space, joining a course registered with the yoga alliance is a go-to option for you.

Moreover, the yoga alliance certification makes you eligible to teach yoga across the globe. Therefore, it enhances your credibility as a certified yoga teacher.

Larger Community

Every year, thousands of yoga aspirants take on their yoga journey. Taking that into consideration, the yoga community is an ever-growing phenomenon that seems impossible to halt any time soon. Therefore, when you join a certified yoga course, you become a part of the bigger yoga community.

Practicing yoga in a social group helps you feel connected. Moreover, you get all the love and support you need in rough times. Moreover, it motivates and inspires you by constantly making you moving towards progress.

Perks & Discounts

When you complete your yoga certification course from a registered yoga school, you become a member of the yoga alliance. It provides you various discount offers that make your living a little easy and better.

Being a member of the yoga alliance provides you a platform to start your career as a yoga instructor. Thus, you are presented as a genuine source to learn yoga from, and a list of genuine yoga practitioners is made available to you.

Commercial Bonding

Yoga has become a world in itself. There is a lot of commercializing going on that includes branding yoga clothing, natural oils, yoga props, healthy food supplements, and much more. Becoming a member of the yoga alliance provides you an opportunity to promote genuine stuff.

How To Get Yoga Alliance Certified?

Becoming a part of the largest yoga organization seems like a distant dream but definitely not impossible. You need a proper understanding and grasp of the necessary knowledge that is going to help you to become one of the yoga alliance professionals.

Select Yoga School

The very first step to getting alliance certified is to choose a certified yoga school. You need to check that the yoga school you have chosen should be registered with Alliance, USA. Selecting a certified yoga school provides you all the benefits that the yoga alliance showers on you.

Choose A Yoga Certification Course

After you have selected the yoga school, you need to decide which yoga course you need to enroll in. Depending on your yoga practice or potential as a beginner, you can enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher training or 300 hour yoga teacher training course.

Pick A Yoga Style

Yoga Alliance makes available diverse yoga styles before you. Depending on your goal in mind, you can choose anyone or can mix more than one yoga styles. It ensures the overall development of your being. Also, the yoga style defines which dimension you can work upon.

Complete Yoga Course

You can never become a certified yoga instructor if you do not complete the yoga alliance certified yoga course. Therefore, you need to complete the designated days at a yoga school where you need to practice yoga as per the defined ways.

What Is The Yoga Alliance Registration Fee?

Before getting registered with the yoga alliance, you need to meet the minimum eligibility criteria. After you fulfill all the prerequisites, you walk into the sphere of getting yoga alliance certified. Moreover, you have to pay the registration fee as per the requirements.

The fee paid is non-refundable. The following is the fee structure of the yoga alliance for becoming a certified yoga teacher.

Application Fee: $50

Annual/Renewal Dues: $65

In total, the registration fee amounts to $115

Now if you are already registered with the yoga alliance, but your certificate has expired, you need to shed a few bucks to upgrade your certificate.

Upgrade Fee: $50

How Yoga Alliance Works?

The wings of the yoga alliance have crossed far across international standards. Thus, you can get access to at least one alliance-registered studio across every big or small city in the world. However, you need to be aware of the three basic categories that come under the scope of the yoga alliance.

Registered Yoga Teachers

Also called RYT, it covers the range of yoga teacher training programs that you can enroll in for stepping up your yogic journey. Since technology has gained a huge control over contemporary life, there are online courses as well, registered with the yoga alliance.

Registered Yoga Schools

Yoga alliance doesn’t directly transact with yoga practitioners across the world. For that matter, it needs yoga alliance registered yoga schools. Therefore, it compiles a list of best yoga schools and studios from every major or minor place for your convenience. Moreover, the yoga alliance assisted with various teaching platforms to provide workshops of yoga to the needy to make everything more accessible.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers

Learning never ends even if you have an alliance certification course. To upgrade the credibility of your yoga certification, you need to attend 30 continuous hours of education every three years. Not just that, it is in addition to your 45-hour teaching experience.

Is Yoga Alliance Necessary?

If you look closely, the yoga alliance opens a vast ocean of opportunities and benefits to yoga practitioners and teachers. Therefore, it becomes highly necessary to enroll in a yoga alliance certification course.

Moreover, the following reasons are compelling enough to make you go for a certified course. Have a quick reading.

Practicing Techniques

When you enroll in a yoga alliance certification, you get to learn various techniques that you might or might not be aware of. The aim is to make your yoga practice as easy as possible, so that, you don’t feel any discomfort while practicing yoga for longer hours.

Various meditation techniques go much deeper when practiced through a proper process, you find yourself in an entirely new space and time. Similarly, various yoga poses seem complex and difficult at first. But when you learn the proper technique, you find a way to pull out every possible yoga pose.

Learning Teaching Methodology

Whether you want to be a certified professional or not, it is evident that someday, someone might ask you for guidance related to yoga. Therefore, joining a yoga alliance certification course makes you proficient in teaching methodology. In turn, you become eligible to clear off any confusion from the one who might seek you for help.

Human Physiology & Anatomy

The Human body is a complex machine that takes years to master. Enrolling in a yoga certification helps you know your body mechanisms, body alignment, and the range of motion of your muscles and joints.

Moreover, it enables you to have thorough knowledge about various consequences if you put some pressure or if you move your muscles beyond their usual motion.

Yoga Ethics & Lifestyle

Having a yoga alliance certificate course helps you experience a yogic lifestyle without being a literal yogi. You get the opportunity to live a simple and healthy life. Moreover, you eat organic, vegetarian, and a well-balanced satvikk diet.

It detoxes your body from all the chemical or fatty oil that you have been stuffing inside your body. Therefore, you enjoy the whole and easy to digest meals while you stay at a yoga school.


Joining a yoga alliance certified course makes you a disciplined soul. You need to spend the designated number of hours in each yoga class to expand your knowledge. You gain a tonne of experience before gaining your yoga alliance certification.

Thus, you need to spend quality time learning all the basic yogic practices, so that, you never feel intimidated in the presence of great yoga masters.

End Note

Yoga teacher training is something that you can enroll in to completely shift your perspective about yoga. For that, you need to be sure that you enroll in a yoga alliance certified course. Moreover, it enables you to reach the pinnacle of your yogic journey without worrying much about anything else apart from yoga practice.

In turn, you get a perfect start for your yogic journey, making you a great student at first, and then, a great yoga teacher.

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