Everything You Need To Know About Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga Reviews- What do you think when someone talks about Bikram Yoga? Do you know that it also has a name as Hot yoga? With so many yoga forms available these days, you might get confused as to why or how to practice Bikram yoga. Whatever might be the reasons, have a brief reading of the following to learn more about it.

What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Chaudhary was a long time practitioner of Bikram yoga, and you can better know him as its co-founder. It is a uniquely packed fitness modeled yoga that is very aggressive in nature. When you enroll in a class of Bikram yoga, the temperature of the class is raised deliberately to 41 degree celsius to replicate the temperature of India.

It comprises 26 yoga posture, followed by two breath work sequences along with a traditional yoga style. If you have expectations that the yoga instructor is responsible to correct your yoga postures, Bikram yoga is exactly opposite in this matter. You have to practice on your own and have to amend any corrections, if needed, in your form or technique.

Effects of Bikram Yoga On The Body

In the presence of high temperature and that too for almost 90 minutes could be a nerve wrenching experience for you. It allows the body to have an instant warm-up, and help you to avoid any injury due to the lack of proper warm-up.

Since you will be heavily sweating, you are detoxed and various toxins are flushed out of your body. Moreover, there is a continuous urge to drink water because of the loss of water through sweating. With so much movement, you can witness greasing of your joints, and help you get relief from any joint ache, arthritis, or any other physical ailment.

Things To Keep In Mind By Bikram Yoga Beginners.

Get In Early

Beginners need to get as early as possible inside the Bikram yoga class. Be sure to reach the class minimum 30 minutes prior to the start of the session. This way you get enough time to dress up, sign up, and be in your spot.

Carry Towels

Since the temperature is imitated according to the Indian atmosphere, that is, around 41 degree celsius, you are going to sweat a lot. Not just you, other yoga practitioners will sweat as well, and the sweat might end in your space.

Therefore, you need to carry extra pair of towels, so that, you can clean sweat from your body and the yoga mat.

Bring Water

Water loss results in making you thirsty. However, you cannot drink too much water because it will result in accumulation of water in your intestine and gut. Therefore, when your body bends in either direction, it might create a hindrance, and might result in hampering your Bikram yoga class.

Eat Light

Eating heavy meal before a Bikram yoga class can be a risky and uncomfortable thing that you can do. Therefore, you are advised to have a light meal, so that, it can be digested very easily. A light meal also ensures you with free body movement, and will not be a hurdle in your yoga practice.

However, you need to keep in mind that the food you have should be rich in carbohydrates. This way, you have extra energy to go for the entire session. Thus, you need to eat something light 30 to 40 minutes before the yoga class.

Bikram Yoga Reviews

There are a ton of yoga schools that came into existence in recent years. Therefore, it is becoming very important to look out for a yoga school reviews that teaches authentic and genuine Bikram yoga. Therefore, before enrolling in a yoga school, look out for Bikram yoga reviews, so that, you come across various things you need to be aware of.

Moreover, while looking for the things that you must be cautious about, you can also lookout for the best yoga schools that provide the yoga practice according to the goal you have in your mind. In turn, you can be rest assured to have a great yoga experience.

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