Chinmay Yoga Dharamshala 200 YTT

Chinmay Yoga, located in Gokarna, Dharamshala, and Rishikesh takes immense pride in helping you dive deeper into the philosophy of Yoga. They are amongst the top 5 yoga schools in India and know that Yoga is not just a physical activity, but a way to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Our staff is highly trained to help you reach peak physical and mental conditioning using the right body alignment and yogic practice.

Chinmay Yoga

The Environment

Chinmay Yoga provides you with a peaceful environment away from all the distractions. The staff lets you practice each Yoga asana as per comfort level without the need to compete with others.

The Teachers

The Yoga Gurus at the school work help you in purifying the mind and body. With the 200 Yoga Teacher Training program, Chinmay Yoga aims to share the knowledge of Yogic philosophy and practice. Every Yoga trainer at Chinmay has undergone and successfully accomplished 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training with an experience of more than 20 years.

Ranking amongst the top 5 yoga schools in India is no cakewalk and our trainers know it. The lectures on Yogic philosophy also cover knowledge on human anatomy, the duties of a yoga teacher, and how to give instructions to students in the class.

Chinmay Yoga Dharamshala 200 Hour YTT – Syllabus

Chinmay yoga school in Dharamshala offers 200 hour yoga teacher training in multi-style yoga and Ashtanga yoga. By doing the yoga teacher training at the yoga schools, students not only find profound knowledge of yoga but also get familiar with various traditional texts. Here is what comes under the syllabus of Chinmay Yoga Dharamshala 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Yoga Asana Practice

While doing the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Chinmay, students will learn various yoga asanas especially from Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa yoga. Apart from this, 12 basic Sivananda asanas will be taught to the students during the training. This class will also explain how to get in and out of a particular posture and modify it.

Teaching Methodology

Learn the art of teaching yoga to the students during this yoga class. Students will learn all the tasks that need to be done by a yoga teacher as well as get to know about the ways how to teach and practice without getting injured. Practical workshops will also be part of this class to make students learn proper communication and how to build conscious interactions.

Yoga Techniques

This is the class where students will learn various techniques of yoga while doing 200 hour yoga teacher training with Chinmay yoga school. This class includes teaching mudras, meditation, mantra chanting, kriyas, bandhas, and pranayama.

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

Learn about the various parts of the body and their roles during this yoga class. In general, this class is destined to make students explain the terminology of the human body, their meaning, and how a particular body part functions. Above all, students will be informed about how yoga helps in healing various body parts. Yoga physiology will also be informed so that students can learn the benefits and contradictions of various asanas. In anatomy, the topics that will be majorly covered during the 200 YTT are 5 koshas, energy channels, 3 layers, and chakra theory.

Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle

In this class of 200 hour yoga teacher training, students learn about 8 limbs of yoga along with their meaning in the contemporary world. Apart from that, students get to know about the meaning and values of being a yoga student as well as a yoga teacher. The historical, cultural, as well as philosophical background of yoga is being taught to the students during this yoga class. Students also get the know-how of 3 gunas, Om and its meaning, and 4 paths of yoga.


Last but not the least, this is the major class that helps students learn how to become a yoga teacher after the successful completion of the yoga teacher training course. In this class, students will practice teaching yoga to others under the supervision of expert yoga teachers. This can be in the form of a pair, small group, or big group. Students are also given feedback by their teachers about how they are giving yoga teachings to others. In simple words, this class is basically the practice test of students related to teaching yoga.

That is not all. Our staff ensures that not only do you receive a complete knowledge of Yoga but are also taken care of in the best possible manner.

Some facilities that you will find at the Chinmay Yoga School include:

The Amenities

  • Round-the-clock Internet access with Wi-Fi
  • Clean Water and Herbal Tea
  • 3 vegetarian meals per day
  • Yoga mats, books, and material

The Cost at Chinmay Yoga Dharamshala

Chinmay Yoga provides you with an opportunity to learn the basics of Yoga without breaking the bank. You can enroll in the 24-day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course at $999 and master this sacred art.

Chinmay Yoga Reviews

If you did the yoga teacher training at Chinmay yoga school then you can also submit the Chinmay yoga reviews and ratings. Below is the list of reviews given by the students who attended the classes there.


Q1) Does Chinmay Yoga school provide yoga accessories within the fees charged for YTT?

Yes, basic things like yoga props, yoga mat, and other essential things will be provided by Chinmay yoga within the fees charged for YTT.

Q2) Are yoga courses offered by Chinmay Yoga school registered with any organization?

Yes, all the yoga courses offered by Chinmay Yoga school in Dharamsala are certified by Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International.

Q3) What is the syllabus of 200 hour YTT offered at Chinmay Yoga School?

Students will be given teachings on the various topics while doing 200 hour yoga teacher training. For example:

  • Yoga techniques training and practice
  • Yoga Asanas Practice
  • Yoga Teaching Methodology
  • Yoga Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics of yoga teachers
  • Practicum
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Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Gibbs
Best School for Yoga Beginners

Providing comprehensive knowledge of various yoga topics, Chinmay Yoga school excels in not only the basics but also the philosophical aspects of this ancient art. I highly suggest joining this yoga school.

 by jd demers
Best for Mind Calmness

I did my 200 hour yoga teacher training from Chinmay and the yoga center helped me find my way in life. I am enthralled with the overall yoga experience.

 by Daniel Calloway
Best school for yoga beginners

Chinmay school is the best place for those just starting out their journey in the yogic lifestyle. They offer complete support when it comes to understanding the philosophy and practice of each yoga asana.

 by Madelyn
Great Experience

Splendid is what I would use to describe my experience at Chinmay. They offer complete support in terms of teaching and practice of every yoga posture.

 by Angela
Chinmay is the Best!

Dharamshala is my favorite place to stay when I come to India. Chinmay Yoga offers you the tools to advance yogic practice to another level. Keep it up, Chinmay!

 by Michelle
Superb Place to Unlock True Potential

Hi there, visiting and practicing yoga at the Chinmay School helped me unblock the specific chakras. Teachers at the school helped me perfect my practice and learn in-depth everything about Yoga.

 by Anna
First Time Experience! Awesome Experience!

First trip to India looking for the best yoga school and I found Chinmay. The teaching methodology is simply amazing. Teachers are completely understanding of the needs of every student.

 by Eamon Trautloff
Best school in Dharamsala

Chinmay is the best yoga school in Dharamshala. Best staff and good facilities.