Ashtanga Ashram Mysore 300 Hour YTT

Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore is the perfect destination for yoga lovers. The trainers know yoga goes much beyond the practice of various physical asanas. Ashtanga Yoga offers you the perfect opportunity to take the yogic practice to another level. If you are looking to move from a beginner level of yoga practice to an expert level, choose Ashtanga Yoga.

ashtanga ashram Mysore

Vision and Mission

The yoga lessons at Ashtanga Yoga aims at helping you in achieving unity of mind, body, and spirit. Trainers at the school believe that only after one has achieved perfection of the mind can they achieve perfection of the body. Mental perfection is also the key to achieving spiritual perfection through yoga.

The Gurus and Learning Style at Ashtanga Ashram Mysore

Teachers at the Ashtanga Ashram Mysore know that a relaxed mind will help you control body movements and increase spiritual vibrations. Your body will open up to receive the knowledge of Yoga arts. Ashtanga Ashram has 10 highly trained and experienced Yoga Gurus. They will help you practice each asana to perfection.

The teaching style at the Ashtanga Ashram includes two hours of asana practice followed by two hours of teaching. It helps the students understand the philosophy behind each yoga asana and earn their certification from Yoga Alliance. 

About the 300 Hour YTT Course

The 300 Hour yoga teacher training course provides you with intermediate education about Yoga to help with the Yoga Alliance certification. The course covers a variety of topics including human anatomy, various yoga asanas, philosophy of Yoga, and lessons on Ayurveda.

Pranayama classes include practice of techniques including Kapalbhati, Shithali, Bhastrika, and Brahmari ‘Mysore Style’. You will learn to practice these techniques without the guidance of the teachers. They will help you in adjusting the body for a particular asana.

You also get advance knowledge about meditation, chanting of mantras, adjusting the body to perfect an asana, in-depth understanding of the human anatomy, and classes on teaching Yoga.

The course also provides in-depth knowledge on;

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice
  • Asanas adjustments and techniques
  • Pranayama and Meditation techniques
  • Yoga Anatomy

Teachers at the Ashtanga Ashram in Mysore believe a student of Yoga has to have only the necessary comfort to balance both mind and body.


Ashtanga Ashram in Mysore offers single room occupancy with twin sharing. You also get;

  • Access to round-the-clock laundry service and doctor on call.
  • Bathroom with attached geyser and shower.
  • 3 times Satvic food.
  • 24×7 Wi-Fi access.

The Cost

The 300-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training course costs $300 USD.

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Evelyn Moore
Experience of a lifetime!

Ashtanga offers you not just yoga courses but also a way to advance the existing knowledge with the 300-hour yoga teacher training. It is the experience of a lifetime to have learnt this sacred art at Ashtanga!

 by Hannah Baker
Ashtanga is once in a lifetime opportunity!

Yoga at Ashtanga takes a different meaning under the guidance of highly trained yoga teachers. You get to learn about the art not just in theory but also get proper guidance in performing each asana. I would definitely recommend Ashtanga to you!

 by Ella Sanchez
An experience worth your time!

Being a first-timer at Ashtanga I never felt left out when it came to learning the art of Yoga. The teachers helped me understand the philosophy of Yoga and also practice each asana to perfection.

 by Alyssa Scott
Great yoga learning experience

Ashtanga offers you the best chance to master the art of Yoga under the guidance of experienced teachers. Yoga with Ashtanga is not just exercise but an experience!