Abhinam Yoga School Goa 300 Hour YTT

Abhinam is a Sanskrit word meaning humble and egoless. The same is reflected in how you learn yoga at Abhinam. Moreover, the school believes a good teacher has to be a good student. Abhinam Yoga school treats Yoga as a lifelong learning process. It takes yoga as a complete lifestyle rather than just the practice of certain asanas.

Abhinam Yoga School

Our Vision

Abhinam Yoga School aims to not only develop highly trained professionals but also spread peace and harmony with the adoption of the yogic lifestyle. Abhinam’s vision is to create a non-competitive environment for you. This way, you learn yoga as a beginner and even advance your skills. 

Abhinam’s View on Yoga

Yoga has become a competitive sport in the western world. Here, practitioners are encouraged to become more flexible and be better than others. Moreover, Abhinam Yoga School does not encourage such a viewpoint of Yoga.

Abhinam aims to bring back the true essence of Yoga including the mastery of body alignment, control over the mind, and knowledge of different Yoga literature as Yoga Sutra and others. The teachers know that Yoga takes a lifetime of learning and its mastery takes time.

Abhinam’s Inspiration and Focus Areas

Abhinam works towards making its teachers aware of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. The teachers know the eight limbs form the core of Patanjali’s Yoga teachings. Above all, the yoga school aims to help all students unlock their true potential with the right practice of each asana.

Abhinam Yoga School focuses mainly on the external practice of Yoga including the correct alignment of asanas. They place importance on the internal practice of Yoga including meditation and spiritual practice and working on one’s ethics.

What Makes the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Special at Abhinam Yoga School

The 300 hour yoga teacher training course certified by Yoga Alliance at the Abhinam Yoga School helps you get an in-depth understanding of various yogic practices and meditation. Moreover, the course offers the perfect opportunity to practice Ashtanga Yoga without any risk of injury.

You can also focus on adjustment points, and follow guidelines to start the journey towards a healthy body and mind. The course helps you gain confidence in starting your own yoga class and dive deeper into meditation to focus on the present moment.

With certification from Yoga Alliance the 300 hour yoga teacher training also includes;

  • The in-depth practice of Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Theory, and practice of various yoga asanas including standing and sitting poses, backbends, arm balance, and others.
  • Knowledge of Mantras, Kriyas, and Pranayamas along with various meditation techniques.
  • Lessons on the Sanskrit language to gain an in-depth understanding of Yoga asanas.
  • Mastering the art of organizing yoga classes and teaching methodology.

The Amenities

  • Spacious accommodations with hot water, attached bathroom, and western-style toilets
  • 3 times Sattvik meals
  • Round-the-clock Wi-Fi access


Q1) What are the prerequisites to join 300-hour YTT at Abhinam Yoga?

The yoga aspirant looking to join Abhinam yoga for 300-hour yoga teacher training must hold a 200-hour YTT certification from a yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance.

Q2) At Abhinam Yoga school, how many students will be there in one batch?

The school trains approximately 20-30 yoga students in one batch. However, the number of students may vary depending on the situation and circumstances.

Q3) Does Abhinam yoga school allow smoking during the YTT course?

No, smoking is against the norms of Abhinam yoga school. Just in case if any student found smoking while doing the YTT course, it can directly lead to termination.

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Peyton Cole
Exceptional place to master Yoga

If you want to seriously learn about advanced yogic practices and literature then visit Abhinam. Teachers at the school carry experience and the knowledge to help each student learn the sacred art.

 by Khloe Garcia
Great Place to move from newbie to expert

Abhinam provided me all the assistance in moving from a person with basic knowledge of Yoga to intermediate. I got access to a wider knowledge of everything about Yoga.

 by Jeremiah Baker

The best thing about the Himalayan Yoga Center is they ensure you receive complete support during the 300-hour yoga teacher training course.

 by Aaron Carter
Great Experience at Himalayan Yoga Center

If you are planning to learn the secrets to a yogic lifestyle and philosophy then choose the 300-hour yoga teacher training course. Abhinam Yoga school has the best teachers to help you on this journey.