7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Learn Yoga in Rishikesh

So, you want to learn yoga? Looking for a place to kickstart this journey to self-discovery? Did you ever consider doing yoga in Rishikesh? It is time you do. The city of Rishikesh is more than temples and religious processions. Come! Let us find out.

Why Should I Choose Rishikesh to Learn Yoga?

Rishikesh is a small town in the Northern state of Uttarakhand, India. The other name of Rishikesh is – Yoga Capital of the World. There is a good reason for that.

For starters, it were the Beatles who came to India during the 1960s. Here they learned the ancient art of yoga from renowned yoga guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. But, yoga has been in existence for many years before that.

Yoga gurus like Guru Vashishtha, Adiguru Nilkantha, and Swami Dayanand Saraswati made Rishikesh their home. Need more reasons to choose this city for yoga?

Reasons to Learn Yoga in Rishikesh

Yoga experts have come up with 5 reasons why you should learn yoga in Rishikesh.

Do you know how many yoga practitioners come to India to learn yoga? Millions. The question here is – What makes Rishikesh special about learning yoga?

The information below will give you the answers.

1. Yoga Capital of the World

Rishikesh is not a metropolitan. It is a holy city with a deep connection to the art of yoga. Ancient seers and gurus have made this city their home. It is here the ancient art of yoga came into being 5000 years ago. Needless to say, to learn yoga in Rishikesh means knowing its origins, philosophy, the yogic path, and everything in between.

2. Authentic Yoga Teaching

The majority of those who come to learn yoga in Rishikesh want to learn its true form. There are so many yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Iyengar. It were Indian yoga gurus who developed and popularized these yoga styles. What could be better than going to the source of yoga to learn all about it? Moreover, yoga teachings in Rishikesh has always been the same throughout the years.

3. Perfect Environment for Learning

Rishikesh offers the perfect environment for you to learn and practice yoga. There is no dearth of yoga ashram in this holy city. You can find a yoga teacher who provides you with complete knowledge of this ancient art.

Moreover, the yoga ashram in Rishikesh have a distraction-free environment. You sit amongst individuals who too want to learn and practice yoga. In other words, Rishikesh has the environment conducive the learning yoga.

4. Deep Understanding of Yoga

All yogic literature and texts are either in Sanskrit or Prakrit language. Yoga trainers in Rishikesh study these texts. This helps them in developing a more accurate understanding of the sacred art of yoga. It helps them understand the deeper principles and practices of yoga. Learning yoga in Rishikesh gives you the chance to develop the same understanding of this ancient art.

5. Study of Yoga Philosophy

The study of yoga in Rishikesh also offers lessons in yoga philosophy. Yoga in India is more than a way to fitness and good health. It is a way of life that sticks with you for a lifetime. Yoga philosophy helps you understand the mental and spiritual aspects of this sacred art. Learning yoga in Rishikesh will help you know the right way to do its many practices.

6. Filled With Spiritual Energy

Rishikesh is a place filled with spiritual energy all around. There are many temples and religious processions taking place here every day. On one side you have the Holy river Ganges and on the other the mighty Himalayas. Learning yoga in Rishikesh gives you a chance to absorb this enormous spiritual energy.

7. Reconnect With Nature

The yoga ashram in Rishikesh are nestled in the lap of nature. You have the mighty Himalayas on one side and holy river Ganges on the other. It gives you a chance to disconnect from hustle of daily life and focus on what’s important – You. This brings about many changes in you on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Want to learn the ancient art of yoga? You can do so by enrolling in a yoga ashram in Rishikesh.


Want to learn yoga and dive deeper into this spiritual art? You should learn yoga in Rishikesh to understand this ancient art including its mental and spiritual aspects.