200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

200 hour yoga teacher training is the first step to immerse yourself in the astounding yoga experience. From embarking on a beautiful yoga journey to enhancing your personal skills, the course holds plenty of things for beginners. However, the most important element of any yoga course is its syllabus. Therefore, we have structured a brief list of 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus so that you get an idea of what you are stepping into.

But before that, let’s have a brief introduction to a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Read on.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Whenever it comes to having a perfect start to your yoga journey, 200 hour yoga teacher is a beginner-friendly yoga course at your service. Furthermore, it helps yoga practitioners learn various yogic practices that move them towards the mastery of yoga.

One thing that is the best about this course is that it helps you clear all your yoga basics. Hence, from enhancing your knowledge to improving your practice, 200 hour YTT course serves you in the best possible way.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Beginner Yoga Poses

The first step to begin with your yoga practice is to perform different yoga poses. 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus presents beginner-level yoga poses before you. Thus, you can get started with your yoga practice in the easiest fashion.

Types of Meditation

Meditation is one of the most crucial elements of a 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus. When you join this course, you come across various forms of meditation practices. It helps you get in touch with your inner being without forcing things on yourself. Hence, you learn to get along with your mind without any hassle.


Deep breathing balances the flow of energy within your body. It is necessary for you to practice different yoga techniques. Not just that, practicing Pranayama helps you remain calm and in a perfect mental state. Therefore, enrolling in a 200 hour yoga teacher training course helps you learn different breathing techniques to remain in optimum health.

Alignment & Adjustment

The knowledge of how to practice any yoga pose or yoga technique is important. That is covered in one of the elements of the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus. You learn about the placement of your limbs in the easiest formation so that your joints are moving without any problem. Moreover, it teaches you how to adjust your practice for the best results.

Anatomy & Physiology

Having in-depth knowledge about human body physiology plays an important role in mastering the mechanisms of your body. Hence, the yoga teacher training syllabus of the 200 YTT course enhances your knowledge of what goes inside your body. It helps you remain injury-free or target specific muscles in your body.

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Yoga Philosophy

The inclusion of various yogic teachings is covered in yoga philosophy. You read various yogic texts that talk about a different perspective in life. Hence, the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus deals with different ways to introduce yoga philosophy into your life. This way, you learn to live an easy life.

Yoga Types

Yoga types included Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Restorative yoga, and much more are covered under 200 hour YTT. The knowledge of all such yoga types offers you a choice to choose the one that perfectly syncs with your goal in mind. Moreover, you can teach all such yoga forms to others when you become a certified yoga teacher.

Mantra Chanting

Chanting mantras comes under therapy, especially sound therapy. Moreover, mantras have a special place in the yoga world. Hence, practicing mantra chanting helps you focus on a single entity for a long time that helps you while practicing meditation.


Detoxification of your body is equally important in yoga practice. Hence, the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus helps you learn various techniques to detoxify your mind and body. It is all covered in Shatkarmas that enhance your yoga practice over time.

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Teaching Methodology

Practicing yoga is different from teaching yoga. Teaching requires skills to propagate what you have learned in the easiest way. Moreover, it is also about learning how to handle students and resolve their doubts. That is all covered in the teaching methodology section of the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned was just a glimpse of what a 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus covers up. When you join this course, you learn many other things that take you a step further. Make sure you have realistic goals in mind to have the most out of any yoga course. Be patient and dedicated towards your goals to become a great yoga master.

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