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Do you know that the lifestyle of a yogi does not welcomes use of alcoholic and other harmful substances, as these interfere with raising the vibrations of the human body?

Yoga, the practice of achieving total union of mind, body, and spirit has been a part of the Indian culture for centuries. Various yoga schools and studios help their students feel at ease after a day of stress and back-breaking hardwork. Yogic culture also places enormous stress on following a Satvic lifestyle in diet along with a proper regimen of exercise.

Yoga schools not only help you learn the art from a beginner level, but also a chance to enroll in the 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour program. You get complete knowledge of each asana and the philosophy of each yoga asana.

Do you want to learn Pranayama or Ashtanga Yoga? We have just the thing for you. Here we provide you a complete list of the best yoga schools along with their complete details. You can also share your experience with a particular yoga school or studio and write online yoga school reviews about what you found the best and any improvements to share with other like-minded people. You will find it all here.